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Gum Disease: LED Blue Light Blitzes Plaque!

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The Starlite Smile 16-LED Teeth Whitening Light uses the same 480nm wavelength range shown to be effective in the Harvard Magazine and Forsyth Institute reports. For Gum treatments, simply use the product without gel for 15-20 minutes each day. For more on the science, check out these articles:

"...discovery with important implications for preventing and treating periodontal disease..."

"Black-pigmented bacteria are also to blame for halitosis, and light therapy gets at its root cause by killing the bacteria, rather than simply masking their odor as mints and mouthwashes do."  (Click to read the article).

Scientists at The Forsyth Institute have found that blue light can be used to selectively suppress certain bacteria commonly associated with destructive gum disease.

Blue Light therapy and red light therapy combined make for the best possible results. Starlite Smile has two 32 LED gum disease treatments lights to help reduce toothache and bleeding or swollen gums. Take care of your oral health for your best overall health!


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