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Gum Treatment Light **FREE SHIPPING
Gum Treatment Light **FREE SHIPPING
Gum Treatment Light **FREE SHIPPING
Gum Treatment Light **FREE SHIPPING
Gum Treatment Light **FREE SHIPPING
Starlite Smile

Gum Treatment Light **FREE SHIPPING

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Help prevent Gum Disease with Starlite Smile's incredibly effective LED light system that plugs in to your phone for convenient treatments on the run: Click add to cart to order now!

 😁 Harvard Studies show 480nm Wavelength helps destroy plaque and can improve the health of your gums

 ♥️ 16 LED System Makes Gum Treatments Fast and Easy

 ⭐️ Works in as Little as 10 Minutes Per Day!

 🙌 Compatible With Any iPhone, Android, USB, or USB-C Device! (phones 4G and newer)

 Get Your Confidence Back Today 👉 Click add to cart to Order now!

  • HARVARD Magazine on LED Blue Light Therapy "...discovery with important implications for preventing and treating periodontal disease...
  • HARVARD Magazine on LED Blue Light Therapy "Black-pigmented bacteria are also to blame for halitosis, and light therapy gets at its root cause by killing the bacteria, rather than simply masking their odor as mints and mouthwashes do."
  • National Library of Medicine reports that blue light can be used to selectively suppress certain bacteria commonly associated with destructive gum disease.

480nm Blue Lights are 100% safe for use in the home as a Gum Stimulator and cause no negative side effects or tooth sensitivity. 

**FREE SHIPPING (in the 48 contiguous states, USA)

Return Policy: We are always happy to replace defective units (returned to us), but due to the hygienic nature of this product, we do not offer refunds on this product. Thank you!


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