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Pre-Treatment and Aftercare Protocol for Resurfacing

The following aftercare products are advised for all CO2 treatments, but are REQUIRED for DEEP SETTINGS TREATMENT:

  • C-Salts (Vitamin C Powder) begin taking right away with your doctor's permission.
  • Eau Thermale Avene Cicalfate
  • Eau Thermale AveneThermal Spray
  • Virgin Coconut Oil
  • JUICE PLUS GUMMIES (Optional, but highly recommended: -- shown to thicken skin in 12 weeks which is great for CO2 treated skin.)  

Product links provided for your convenience. Thank you.

Shown to thicken skin in 12 weeks. Great for CO2 clients! (Less than $1.50 a day).


TESTPATCH: You can use the Coconut Oil (great for relief of dryness) during your 3 days of recovery if you are not allergic to nuts. Please do a test on your skin as soon as you can to make sure you have no allergies to coconut oil. If you swell or turn red for an extended time, do NOT use Coconut Oil during procedure.

Clients must stop all use of metrogel, tetracycline, retin-a, proactiv and other acid-based products for at least two weeks prior to procedure. If you are taking celebrex, bloodthinners or anticoagulants, including aspirin, check with your doctor for permission to stop taking these for one week prior to procedure. Do not tan or use tanning lotions for one week before.


MicroLASERbrasion clients skip to the bottom of the page.

RESURFACING CLIENTS: On completion of resurfacing, clients may experience minor discomfort compared to a sun burn. This discomfort typically lasts for 2-6 hours. You may take tylenol (with your doctor's permission), but not ibuprofen or aspirin. If you have pin-point bleeding from popped capillaries, you may gently dot blood away with a wet Qtip (warm water). Clients on our doctor's prescriptions: Do not take anything other than your prescribed medication.

Day Two (day after treatment)

DAY 1: 4-5 hours after procedure the treated area will begin to redden and swell. You may alternate Saline solution (refrigerate for cooling comfort-- lay clean paper towel across treated area and soak with solution) and coconut oil, for relief from dryness. Be sure your hands are sterile before applying anything to your skin. Before bed, apply Cicalphate. First night, sleep slightly elevated, if possible.

DAY 2: TEXT US A PICTURE (409-454-9502). "Monster day". Don't worry! Drink lots of fluid, eat your favorite foods, watch a movie! Do NOT exercise, or exert yourself. Do not clean house. Don't go outside or get anything in or on your skin, except those listed above. NO SUN! All skin is different. You may look worse or slightly better than the client shown above. How you look is not indicative of your treatment. Your settings are chosen based on many factors and tailored to your needs. Same protocol as Day 1 except use Cicalphate 2X today.

DAY 3: TEXT US A PICTURE. You will be same or slightly improved from Day 2. Same instructions will apply until we instruct otherwise via text. Each picture will determine your instructions so please send early in the day before applying anything to your skin. Thanks!

DAY 4-5: TEXT US A PICTURE. WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS via text, but usually on Day 4 you can take a steamy shower. Soak a textured cloth in hot water. Lay cloth on skin for a few minutes. Rinse and repeat a few times. NO SCRUNCHING OR PRESSURE. After you dry off, apply coconut oil or cicalphate, your preference. 

DAY 6 FORWARD: TEXT US A PICTURE. WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS via text. Depending on your health and your body's healing abilities, you will get your "sandpaper" skin and you can begin to exfoliate. In a very steamy, warm shower, use a textured washcloth and warm water or salt-scrub (fine-grain salt and Coconut Oil mixed to a paste consistency). Gently push upward to start the crumbling off of dead skin. You may or may not notice it coming off, but you will start to feel smooth patches. This process may take another week, (but you can start wearing make-up again, if you have to). After Day 7, you should wear 25+ spf sunscreen for the next month whenever exposed to any sun. When all the dead skin is gone, you will see the results of the resurfacing part of your treatment. You may continue to be slightly red for up to a month. Don't worry -- red means the skin is still healing. **Worsening red with itching may indicate a skin infection -- call for antibiotics if you have this.

SO IMPORTANT WE PUT IT IN RED!! I hesitate to even tell you about exfoliation day as you will be tempted to begin too soon. You may really irritate the skin and greatly slow your healing down if you start too soon. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT for instructions to begin exfoliation. Take this ONE DAY AT A TIME! Thanks. :)

Somewhere between Day 3 to 10 "Sandpaper Skin"