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Pre-Treatment and Aftercare Protocol for Resurfacing

IMPORTANT If you are sick or have been sick any time in the last 10 days or exposed to someone who is coughing, sneezing, has fever, diarrhea, stomach ache or anything else WE CAN NOT SEE YOU. PLEASE RESCHEDULE.

We cannot treat with laser if any of these apply:

  • Melasma
  • Pregnant or Nursing
  • Lupus (or any autoimmune deficiency disease), Epilepsy Pacemaker, Diabetes, Heart Condition, AIDS, Hepatitis

Please DON'T STOP your medications without your doctor's permission. We cannot treat with laser if you are:

  • Using Levulane, Acutane, or Metrogel Must be off at least 6 months.
  • Taking Tetracycline or any prescription ending in "azole" or "cycline" Must be off at least 2 weeks.
  • Taking Celebrex Must be off at least 3 days.
  • Taking Aspirin or any blood thinner Must be off at least 1 week.
  • Using ProActiv, Glycolic Acid, Retin-A, any retinol or retinoid products, any other acids or peels Must be off at least 1 week.

Do not tan or use tanning lotions for one week before. 

Please do not deviate from these aftercare products.
Please buy all "required" and consider all "suggested". 
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  • STERILE HANDS when applying anything to your skin. 
  • Unlimited Coconut Oil. 
  • Take Vitamin C. Drink lots of fluid, eat your favorite foods.
  • Do NOT exercise, or exert yourself. Do not clean house. No pets, children, spouses, etc., near your skin please.
  • Don't go outside or get anything in or on your skin, except those listed above. NO SUN! 

DAY 1 (Day of Treatment): 

  • Minor discomfort: Mild burning typically lasts 2-6 hours.
  • Pin-point bleeding: Dot blood away with a Q-tip and distilled water--NO TAP WATER, or Q-tip and Coconut Oil. Do NOT DO THIS after Day 1.
  • Apply light coat of Avene Cicalphate 2X. Wait at least an hour before applying any Coconut Oil (or it will be messy).
  • Apply Coconut Oil to a small area (do a test patch, if no swelling or discomfort after 30 minutes apply to the rest of treated area).
  • Use as much Coconut Oil as you like throughout the rest of your recovery. 
  • Use as much Avene Spray as you like throughout the rest of recovery.
  • DO NOT take medication other than your prescribed medication.
  • Sleep elevated, if possible.

Day Two (day after treatment)

DAY 2: "Monster day". Don't worry! All skin is different. You may look worse or slightly better than the client shown above. 

DAY 3: You will be same or slightly improved from Day 2. 

DAY 4-5: 

  • Take a steamy shower.
  • Soak a textured cloth in hot water.
  • Lay cloth on skin for a few minutes.
  • Rinse and repeat a few times. NO SCRUNCHING OR PRESSURE. 


  • Add medium-pressure when applying your hot-water-soaked-cloth, in your shower, to gently begin exfoliation.
  • You should start to feel smooth patches (and still some rough patches). The slow crumbling off of dead-skin may take another week.
  • You can start wearing make-up again, if you have to. Use a natural soap or A gentle cleanser like Cetaphil to remove make-up as soon as possible.


  • 25+ spf sunscreen (Aveeno Zinc suggested) for the next several months, whenever exposed to any sun. The less sun-exposure the better and definitely no boating or sunny vacations for as long as possible.
  • Take care of your BABY SKIN! 

You may continue to be slightly red for up to a month. Red means the skin is still healing. **Worsening red with itching may indicate a skin infection -- call for antibiotics if you do not already have them.

Do NOT exfoliate before instructed or you can irritate the skin and greatly slow your healing. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT for instructions to begin exfoliation. Take this ONE DAY AT A TIME! Thanks. :)

Somewhere between Day 3 to 10 "Sandpaper Skin"


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