Our Story

Welcome!  I'm Mikayla Wilson, Owner of Starlite Smile and Beautiful Laser Center in tropical Tiki Island, Texas. As a wife, mom, artist, Laser Expert, and product developer, I am proud to say that my staff and I go overboard to bring a very high level of integrity and honesty to everything we do! I believe it shows in our products and services, and in the extreme customer service we are known for.

In our office, where we have performed thousands of laser teeth whitening and laser skin care treatments, our staff is constantly researching and testing cutting-edge beauty and health products. We develop and bring to market products that we love and use ourselves, and that we are proud to offer to our VIP clients.

Our Signature Product -- the STARLITE -- with 16 LED Blue Lights -- is an amazing teeth whitening light (gel-accelerator) that plugs into your phone or computer. How cool is that? Beyond cool though, it's the same 480nm wavelength that we (and most dentists and spas) use to professionally whiten teeth. Research shows 480nm light can help prevent and treat GUM DISEASE

Beautiful Laser Center has clients returning to us from three different countries and all over the US. Why? Excellence, Experience and Affordability. We have the best equipment, true laser experts (w/ over ten thousand treatments performed) and we offer what's frequently missing in other businesses -- PAMPERING, ACCOMMODATING, GENUINE, CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Be sure and sign-up to our newsletter for awesome tips on health and beauty! Talk to you soon. :)  -- Mikayla