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Hello VIPs!

We are celebrating our Tiki Island office -- now shared with our fabulous Med-Director Dr. Zavala -- AND awaiting the arrival of our brand new CO2 laser! (Don't worry it's the same model as the old one, but with awesome new features.)

So, until this deal ends, you can schedule treatments at crazy-low prices...

CO2 Resurfacing Face $399
CO2 Resurfacing Face and Neck $479
CO2 Resurfacing Chest $149
CO2 Resurfacing Forearms (pair) $279
MicroLASERbrasion $129
Ways to schedule:
Online  Choose VIP Deal. We'll call or text you for details.
Text or Call Mikayla at 409-454-9502.
Messenger (right corner of your screen).

A few details:
  • Offers end 11/2/17.
  • Schedule appointments between November 15th and April 30th, 2018.
  • You can prepay for more than one treatment at these prices.
  • Prices do not include doctor's visit for prescriptions or aftercare products.
  • All treatments are prepaid and non-refundable but you can reschedule anytime, no problem.

See you Soon!