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Skintags, Cherry Hemangiomas, Facial Spider Veins

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What are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are quite common and have several forms. One type looks like a pieec of hanging skin. The other is more like a raised bumpy spot, similar to a mole, but almost always benign. They are for the most part, harmless. Some causes are irritation like a seat-belt, being overweight, and heredity. Some small tags fall off by themselves, but most are going to grow larger over time.

How do We Remove Them?
Beautiful Laser Technicians will treat your skin tag with our high-frequency system. You will feel a quick pin-prick- like sensation for about 15 seconds. After this the tag is treated withn neosporin and you are finished. Skin tags typically fall off in 3-7 days. Larger tags may require 2 treatments. Numbing service is available and suggested for multiple tag treatments.

What are Cherry Hemangiomas?
A Cherry Hemangioma is a small non-cancerous, red-purple bump on the skin. It is usually just a clump of trapped blood and veins. 

Facial Spider Veins
Facial Spider Veins will be instantly removed with BLC's Thermocoagulation process. You may have tiny cat-scratches and some swelling for up to a week. May cover with make-up right away. Works on body areas also, recovery a bit longer.