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MicroLASERbrasion (CO2 Lite Surface Peel)

Looking for resurfacing smoothness without the downtime? Try BLC's MicroLASERbrasion. We call this C02 "lite". Available for Skin Types I to IV, MLB offers a great surface peel for brighter, tighter, healthier skin, and greatly reduces imperfections. It also gives you (to a lesser degree) some of the collagen and elastin production benefits of regular fractional. Expect 24-48 hours of a mild sunburn look and rougher skin, followed by exfoliation for a few days (you can cover with make-up during this time). After exfoliation is finished, skin will be much smoother with reduction of sun spots and damage and a nice evening of texture issues. 

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Pre-Treatment and Aftercare Protocol for MicroLASERbrasion