Facial Electrolysis at Beautiful Laser Center


What is Electrolysis? Electrolysis is a hair removal treatment where a probe is inserted into the follicle delivering a quick pulse of electric current to the base of hair. This heat causes the destruction of the cells responsible for hair growth.

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How Many Treatments Will I Need? The number of treatments needed varies depending on your hormone levels, your hair growth cycle, age, etc. However, we are confident that you will see results with each treatment.

Will Electrolysis Work On My Skin and Hair Color? Yes. Electrolysis is effective no matter what color - even blond, red, grey or white can be permanently removed. Electrolysis is also safe and effective for all skin colors.

Can I Have Electrolysis After or Along with Laser Hair Removal? Absolutely. Electrolysis is a great choice for permanently removing the hairs that the laser can't see -- red, gray, white and light blonde.

Will the Hair Come Back? All active hair is destroyed at your session -- follicles treated with electrolysis will NOT grow hair again. However, the hair present right now is not all the hair that will ever appear. When you return for your next treatment, we will treat any follicles, in the same area, that have grown hair since your last visit. This continues until your body stops making hair in that area.

Will it Hurt? You may feel a tingling sensation for less than a second per pulse.

Can I Get Electrolysis Treatments During Summer? Yes, but the area to be treated should not be exposed to sunlight for 24 hours before and 48 hours after your treatment. Also, make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen after AND before your procedure to avoid irritation.

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What Areas Do You Treat? At this time, we only treat small facial areas of less than 100 hairs or moles that have been determined to be non-malignant. 

Can a Pregnant Woman Receive Electrolysis Treatments? We do not recommend treatments during pregnancy.

Can Hairs be Removed from Moles? Yes. We may require written approval from your physician beforehand. 

Can I Have Electrolysis if I Use a Hearing Aid? Yes, unless it is a cochlear implant which we would not want to de-program. We may ask you to turn off your hearing aid for the duration of the treatment to avoid interference from the proximity of the epilator.

What is the Normal Growth Cycle of a Hair? The duration of the anagen (growth) phase of hair is different for each person. It is affected by such factors as age, weight, sex, metabolism, hormones, ethnic origin, medication, nutrition (diets), environmental conditions and even stress. But, we all share the same hair cycle, broken down into three phases:

Anagen: active growth phase of hair influenced by the condition of the dermal papilla. During this phase, the hair papilla is voluminous and made up of a vascular core (electroepilation treatment target). The production of melanin reaches its highest level (photoepilation treatment target).

Catagen: a transitional stage during which hair stops growing, but remains attached. At this point, melanin is no longer produced in the germinative zone.

Telogen: the resting phase of hair during which cells are inactive. Consequently, there is no growth of the hair shaft during this phase. Hair begins to shed only when the next growth phase occurs. About 50 to 100 telogen hairs are shed normally each day, accounting for the hair loss seen every day in the shower and with hair combing.
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