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Safe and painless, CryoFATFREEZE is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction and other Cold Body Sculpting treatments but less expensive, larger areas, and no skin damage. Cooling + Thermolysisis = Amazing!

Most people need 3 to 7 sessions and will see results 3-4 weeks after second treatment.
Some people will see a difference four weeks after the first session.
A few people will see results right away.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Cryo Fatfreeze (and CoolSculpting) results are NOT A MAGIC PILL. If you are on a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and have a pocket of fat that won't go away -- you are the best candidate. If you are more than 20 lbs overweight, you will have better success losing excess fat before doing this treatment. 

Cryo FatFreeze literally freezes a layer of fat, that crystalizes, then excretes from the body, but you must exercise, eat healthy, and drink fluids along with this treatment to see results.

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9 Sessions

60 minute treatment targets specific areas of fat using a combination of Thermolysis and Cryolipolysis (thermal shock) to reshape the body.
  • FAT FREEZING TREATMENT naturally DESTROYS adipose cells or FAT CELLS without any damage to the skin using apoptosis (a natural controlled cell death). Over the next few days or weeks, the body naturally flushes the fat cells out through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Usually requires 3-10 sessions (10 days to 2 weeks apart) for best results, but many clients see changes immediate after the first session.

This is an example of a client (not ours, but similar to several of ours) that are on our yearly program. This client would normally be considered to have too much excess fat for effective cryo. However if the client is willing to follow a healthy diet protocol (low in sugar and carbs), add low-to-moderate exercise, and drink lots of water, they can achieve results as seen above in approximately 20-25 sessions, 10 days apart.