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Aftercare Protocol for Plasma Pen


If you are sick or have had fever, sneezing, coughing, vomiting, nausea within 72 hours PLEASE RESCHEDULE!! Thank you.

You MUST READ the "Am I a Candidate" page before coming in for Plasma Pen! Thank you! 

These products are now REQUIRED for ALL Plasma Pen Treatments:
(Please order from THESE LINKS as we trust these manufacturers.)

REQUIRED: Saline Towelettes
REQUIRED: 2 tubes of Silvex Gel


The following aftercare products are optional but HIGHLY ADVISED if you are serious about Collagen Regeneration:

  • C-Salts (Vitamin C Powder) begin taking right away with your doctor's permission
  • JUICE PLUS GUMMIES (Shown to thicken skin in 12 weeks)


Shown to thicken skin in 12 weeks. Great for CO2 clients! (Less than $1.50 a day).



Day of Treatment: 4-5 hours after procedure clients may experience minor discomfort compared to a sun burn with swelling and redness. This discomfort typically lasts for 24-30 hours. When you arrive home, please apply your first layer of Silvex Gel.

Day 2 and 3: TEXT US A PICTURE through our Klara system. Drink lots of fluid. Do NOT exercise, no yoga or stretching. Do not clean house, go outside, or get anything in or on your skin. NO SUN!

Dry Heal today. NO PRODUCTS ON SKIN. If itching is bad, you may use the Silvex Gel once.

If you must wear make-up, apply the tinted moisturizer we give you at your appointment. Note: If you apply this, you won't be able to wash it off because the dots must remain intact.

DAY 4 through 7: Silvex Gel 2X a day. That's all. No washing face yet. You can use the saline wipes to cleanse areas that were not treated and do not have dots.

Day 8 On: You can get the treated area wet now, but don't rush the removal of the dots. Let them come off naturally.