About us

    Welcome!  I'm Mikayla Wilson, Owner of Starlite Smile and Beautiful Laser Center in tropical Tiki Island, Texas. As a wife, mom, artist, Laser Expert, and product developer, I am proud to say that my staff and I go overboard to bring a very high level of integrity and honesty to everything we do! I believe it shows in our products and services, and in the extreme customer service we are known for.

    In our office, where we have performed thousands of laser teeth whitening and laser skincare treatments, our staff is constantly researching and testing cutting-edge beauty and health products. We develop and bring to market, products that we love and use ourselves, and that we are proud to offer to our VIP clients.

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    You're Beautiful...Body, Mind and Spirit!

    Dr. Victoria Zavala, MD, Medical Director
    Anesthesiology Specialist
    Baylor College Of Medicine 2002
    Methodist Hospital
    Anesthesia Partners Of Texas

    Mikayla Wilson, CLS, PLHRT
    Advanced Certification - C02 Fractional Resurfacing
    Professional Laser Hair Removal Technician
    Professional Laser Tattoo Removal Technician
    Advanced Training Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels
    Laser Safety Officer, Registered - State of Texas

    Mikayla studied directly under RMLC Director and Founder, Lorenzo (the Laserman) Kunze, an expert in the field of medical and aesthetic laser applications. She has advanced training for, and specializes in C02 Ablative Laser Fractional Resurfacing. She studied Skin Care and Medical-Grade Chemical Peels under BLC's Medical Director, Dr. Victoria Zavala. Mikayla has personally performed over 10,000 treatments for clients from all over the U.S., Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico and continues advancing her expertise by attending conferences, clinics and continuing education classes in laser, chemical peels, thermocoagulation, preventative nutrition and general skin-care.