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My favorite DIY Coconut Oil Salt-Scrub! Easy and inexpensive...

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Coconut Oil Salt-Scrub--do it yourself!


Coconut Oil Salt-Scrub Recipe

This is the easiest recipe in the world!

 You can use it in the bath or shower -- on face and full body -- for awesome, smooth, soft skin. ENJOY!

1/2 Cup Virgin Coconut Oil
1 Cup Fine-grain sea-salt (table salt will also do)

Mix together. That's it. :)

For exfoliating and cleansing. When you rinse the scrub off, the coconut oil will remain as a moisturizer.

If you're not using it after a laser treatment, add in essential oils like Lavendar or Frankincense -- or as shown in the picture, organic lemon peel or or orange peel -- for a luxurious healing experience.

Note: Don't use if you're allergic to nuts. The salt may be a little harsh for extra-sensitive skin or rosacia. 



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